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Lia Reau has been involved with dance since 1968.  She is a dancer, teacher,
choreographer, and performer She has worked since that time to establish Lia's Line Dancing in the Grand Rapids area.  Lia has directed and coached several dance Teams including a Dance Troop, "Boots On Fire", and the "Spinin' Trio". 

As a teacher, Lia has introduced hundreds of people in the Greater Grand Rapids area to Line Dance. Her parents Frans and Lena who have been dancing there whole life are her strongest influences and have Inspired her love for dance and sparked her interest in Country Line Dance in 1992.

In addition, Lia brings to her teaching a strong background in Ballet, tap, Jazz, Technique, modern dance and an in-depth understanding of movement. Her teaching style is energetic, humorous and creative. She is able to go beyond the steps and focus on the "how and why" of movement in order to develop an efficient, fluid and expressive style of dance.

Lia has taught line dance in cities throughout the United States. She loves teaching Line Dance and can frequently be found working with new students to help get them up to speed. She attends Dance Conventions and Workshops 3 to 6 times a year, keeping up on  the latest dance moves and techniques. Lia instructs al
l ages and is currently teaching several different types of Line Dance Classes at
American Legion, Boat & Canoe Club, & The Twisted Bull!



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